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Karen Yendall

Certified Body Poet

Karen Yendall

My name is Karen Yendall. I am a Body Poet based in the North East of England.

I am not a therapist. What I offer is not psychology, analysis or treatment. I don’t have answers, or see you as someone who needs fixing. I offer my gifts in equal status and partnership with you as a means to step out of hierarchy and into a new way of seeing and relating.
Through presence, permission and acceptance I hold dedicated space for you to be deeply witnessed.

My background is in healthcare (sexual health – RGN trained) and women’s personal development, with a focus on embodied practice, nature and ritual. In 2016 I trained in Council (an indigenous way of listening) & Creative Arts Therapy. I am currently a student of Hakomi, a Taoist psychotherapy approach for assisted self-study.

I have been a member of The Healing Trust since 2008 and offer hands-on healing, attuned one to one support and Body Poem, online and in-person in the North East of England.

In my spare time, I run a small business in sustainable fashion, write poetry, study tarot and rhythms from West Africa.

For the past 20 years, I’ve walked (sometimes ran, sometimes crawled) my own path of healing from early developmental trauma. I have a deep personal understanding and intimate experience of the complex facets that form our human condition.

Body Poem has been a crucial part of my journey, it came into my life at exactly the right time, as an act of grace.
It is gentle, intelligent, nature-based, and in alignment with indigenous teachings that have supported me in my desire to heal, learn and accompany others. I find it comparable to soul retrieval while being grounded in sound nervous system theory and trauma awareness.

Body Poem supports me to hold a safe space and work with professional responsibility.

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