The rewards of the Body Poem training are that you will learn how to weave this simple but profound structure into your practice that facilitates the states of grace between us when we feel listened to. The structure gives you a helping hand with accurate attuned listening, fine-tuning your confidence with your intuition with eliciting and conducting the dance between feeling states and identity updates.


If you support people listening to themselves, and you want a structure that supports your presence as a witness, this training is for you.

Body Poem can be woven in seamlessly with your existing modality, like an integrated plugin integrated with

  • Counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • MDMA, Psilocybin, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca assisted therapy
  • Intimacy and relationship Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Therapeutic Bodywork
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Sexological bodywork
  • Nursing as part of general, acute and psychiatric services
  • Group therapy
  • Therapeutic communities
  • Community organisations
  • Supervision sessions

Body Poem has been taught as part of the curriculum on trainings where listening to the communications from the body during somatic openings that are outside of conscious awareness is an essential skill. These include recently:

  • Sea School of Embodiment 2018 Trauma Training for Bodywork Professionals with Katie Sarra & Caffyn Jesse
  • The UK & Ireland Certificate in Sexological Bodywork
  • The Canadian Somatic Sex Educator training since 2018
  • Click here to see lesson 1 of the foundation program to give you a taste of this training and how it is taught.


  • Applications of Body Poem
  • Body focusing & co-creating safety video & PDF
  • Phenomenological listening
  • Body focusing homework & reflections
  • Ways of recording Body and Dream Poems
  • Dream Form intro, video & PDF
  • Harvesting projections
  • Dream form homework & reflections
  • Clean Language intro videos & PDFs
  • Puhpowee – “rising and emergence”
  • Implicit and explicit memory
  • Duty of care
  • Clean language homework & reflections
  • Listening and being listened to
  • The art of listening
  • Belonging and being in service
  • Listening pairs homework & reflections
  • The 9 functions of the mid-prefrontal cortex (mPFC) intro video & PDF
  • The polyvagal theory
  • Morality – The ethics of care
  • Intuition, interoception and the enteric nervous system
  • Eros of integration
  • Attuned listening pairs homework & reflections
  • Defences to emotions intro, video & PDF
  • Practising acceptance homework & reflections
  • The emotional command systems intro, video & PDF
  • I want is complicated!
  • Body Poem emerging from “I want” as an assessment tool
  • “I want” homework & reflections
  • Applications of Body and Dream Poem
  • It can hurt coming back into harmony
  • Feng Shui Dream / Body Poem
  • Feng Shui Dream / Body Poem – Homework practice.
  • Slippage – When I have had enough
  • Body Poem with families
  • Body Poem with couples
  • Body Poem in supervison sessions
  • Body Poem as preparation and integration as part of ceremonies
  • Family Constellations Body & Dream Poem
  • The on-going Body Poem in sessions
  • Body Poem for communities
  • Body Poem in groups
  • Feng shui Dream / Body Poem homework & reflections


The Body Poet Certification Training runs over nine consecutive weeks with weekly live community calls, audiovisual slide shows, home practices and Q & A’s.

Each community call includes guided meditations, explanatory discourses, Group and paired practice in break out rooms. Replay recordings of our live sessions will be available together with with downloads, plus visual workbooks to expand upon the material explored.

Each week you will receive beautifully presented audiovisual slide shows of the teachings illuminating the origins of Body Poem and the depths of each aspect of its alchemy with guided practice.

Q&As and home practices to guide you step-by-step through the Body Poem practice.Your questions added to a live Q&A document with reflections and answers updated weekly to support integrating Body Poem into your current practice so everyone learns from and with each other collectively.

The THURSDAY Community Zoom calls are a poetic beginning to each week


18th and 25th 2021

18h – 19h30 GMT


1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th 2021

18h – 19h30 GMT


6th and 13th 2021

18h – 19h30 GMT

Upon completion of all requirements, – training and supervision – you will receive your certificate as a Body Poet.


‘We create a culture of mutual welcoming. This means we invite people into our experience. This means quieter voices are invited and welcomed. This means that everyone in this gets to belong fully to this group. Through acts of positive affirmation, celebrating each other’s risks, failures and successes, and offering loving feedback when requested, we come to belong to each other as educators weaving a world of liberation.’ – Pavini Moray

The Body Poet Certification Training is a professional development training, and the expectation is that communication between participants will be inclusive and kind. Click the link below to view our etiquette.


Our private learning forum supports connection, houses our reflections and provides a place to post questions during and after the training.

I am available for group supervision in your transition between Dream Scribe and Body Poet, understanding our rhythms, timings, choices, resonances in our voice attuned with our gut and heart’s felt sense and the dynamics of why and how it supports integration, acceptance, and belonging.

There is a natural ending to expression, a place of calm stillness when it has all landed and been heard… and then the next impulse rhythms out into song again! – Katie Sarra


We would kindly request you to complete the enrollment form together with your training sign-up.

The total tuition fee is £1,320

Early Bird Price is £1140 when you pay in full or in part before 31st January.

With the payment of a deposit of £333 your spot on the course is secured.

There are a maximum of 24 places available.

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