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Katie Sarra

is the founder of Body Poem and co-founder of the Sea School of Embodiment which facilitates leading-edge professional trainings in embodiment where she is co director of the UK, Portugal & Ireland Certifications in Somatic Sex Education , Embodied Sex Coaching and Sexological Bodywork.

She brings to this training over thirty years of research, training, and experiences working with finding ways to facilitate relief from human suffering. Her special interest is in affective relational neuroscience and she draws from years of experience in psychoanalysis, the Wheel of Consent®, Playback Theatre, Sexological Bodywork, Tantra, Shamanism, and psychedelic-assisted altered states. Her quest is and has been in finding creative caring ways that support us trusting our spontaneity and feeling more of ourselves to fear less.

She believes every human being has gifts to share and that these are often grown from where we have suffered the most. Our self-acceptance, kindness, and ease with ourselves, when we have felt witnessed, can ripple out to support ease with others. Body Poem is a flowering and fruiting tree grown from years of listening to hundreds of told and untold stories. When the ghosts inside us are listened to, we are less likely to be called into early graves with them. This can be liberating towards us co-creating healthy win-win harmonious decisions with each other and all the other expressions of nature living alongside and inside us. 

“It’s a joy to be hidden and a disaster never to be found”
– Donald Winnicott.

We are all the same under the skin but as humans, we have a special responsibility on this planet.
  – Jaak Panksepp

Julian Marcus


A passionate and inspired somatic, bodywork and embodiment teacher. The world of bodywork has for two decades continued to draw and enrich what he shares with others. Julian has a rich diversity of bodywork practice and teaching experience from neuromuscular and myofascial bodywork to Qi Gong and Tao alchemy.

For the past 6 years Julian has, as co-founder of Embodied Health Learning he has focused on deepening his practice of embodied coaching and integrative bodywork while hosting the leading names and visionaries in these fields through webinars and courses. eHeath Learning has grown over this time to be one of the leading platforms and communities for bodywork, movement and embodiment professionals.

Katie and Julian have collaborated for some 8 years now providing each other an ongoing source of inspiration for each others artistic and therapeutic practices and offerings.

Julian specialisms are relational bodywork, sex and intimacy coaching, tao alchemy and personal leadership. Integrating ancient Qi Gong and Taoist alchemy with modern neuroscience, Wheel of Consent® and embodiment practices to foster fuller personal life leadership and symbiotic community creation.

“The key to immortality is to first live a life worth remembering.”
 – Bruce Lee

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