I hold a life long passion for spirituality and sexuality and now it seems clear my purpose and interest aligns with their integration and facilitation; embodiment of our healthiest and fullest erotic self is what I aim to support in others and myself. What a world of difference this can make to our individual and collective lives!

My background is in Bodywork – BSc(Hons) Therapeutic Bodywork for 20 years and more recently 6 years running a Birth platform and Bodywork learning platform for touch therapists. 

I co run the Body Poem somatic coaching training from our beautiful mountain retreat centre in Central Portugal. Here we run retreats, workshops and invite people for personal retreats with coaching, bodywork and nature emersion.

I practice both online and in person. Click the work with me link to find out more and book a session.


I help people live their happiest, healthiest sexual self, free from shame or pain.
I have always loved nature and the embodied feeling of being alive that comes from climbing trees or being on mountains, in lakes, rivers and forests.
My grandmother, who was a typist at Sheffield Steel, was also a pioneer in pursuing her interest in yoga and spirituality. She once told me that when she got home from work she would remove her shoes and tights in the garden to let her feet breathe. This image made a deep impression on me and inspired me as an eight-year old to gather a group of friends one summer; go behind some trees and invite them all to remove their clothes and make a circle where we could all bathe in the warmth of the sunlight and let our bodies breathe. It was a richly sensual and innocent shared moment, full of joy and free from shame.
That’s the first time I felt my purpose here on the planet: to help people enjoy being in their bodies and feel alive. 
In my early adulthood I studied a health sciences degree in Therapeutic Bodywork. For six years I ran a popular online health learning platform, focused on embodiment, touch and body centred therapies, anatomy, trauma, pain and communication. I hosted some of the leading experts in the field for webinars and e-courses. Although this was deeply nourishing in many ways, I also reached a point where I craved to come off the screen and reconnect with the three-dimensional natural world.
I returned to body based practices and trained in Sexological Bodywork and Embodied Sex coaching.
Today, I help individuals to experience their happiest, healthiest sexual selves, free from pain or shame. I’ve coached hundreds of people in all kinds of bodies from around the world on how to experience greater erotic pleasure, create more love for your body and improve communication around your desires to experience happy, healthy sexuality. I am devoted to my lifelong purpose of celebrating our bodies as healthy, whole and worth celebrating. 
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